Our brand

The III Oceans brand has a nautical concept consistent with the history of Portugal.

The sea has always had a special attraction. It has always been and will be the path of conquest, the path of discovery of the world. The immense coast, bathed by the Atlantic, facilitated navigation across the three oceans, the Portuguese caravels crossed the “never-before-sailed seas”, traversing the coasts of Africa, Asia and America. And it was in this way that Portugal projected itself into the world and led this small nation of Western Europe to be the noblest, most splendid nation on earth.

It is this sea, which allowed the Discoveries and the fascination of Man before the discovery of the world, that III Oceans intends to highlight through the garments that it creates. It is this feeling of wonder experienced by the Discoveries that is in harmony with the concept that is intended to be raised in the III Oceans. It is in this wonder of the Portuguese navigations that the concept of III Oceans is built, which is, on the level of excellence, the combination of design, quality and comfort.